Philadelphia in the Summer

OK, so I lied about posting in June.  Honestly, I haven’t had the need to blog like I did during the school year.  It might be because of the Drexel Summer Theory Institute in which I’m participating (you should really click the link and check it out).  It’s giving me an outlet for a lot of the thoughts and worries I had before.  It could be the fact that I’m working full-time, so I’m just exhausted in the evenings.  Or, it could just be that I feel silly sitting at a computer for long periods of time when it’s summer and everything is beautiful.  If you don’t believe me, here are some photos I took to prove it (click to enlarge):


Sidewalk-dining: a definite sign of summer.



Kids playing at the end of a street


Rittenhouse Square


Summer night at Rittenhouse Square


Surreal buildings




A bike with pretty flowers on Walnut Street



To see these photos in better quality, or to see a few more photos, check out my Picasa album:


Have a happy 4th!


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